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How to map HOME Directory with Citrix WEM

Luis Eduardo Gutierrez


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On 1/5/2018 at 5:56 AM, James Kindon said:

you can mark a specific drive as a home drive when you assign it within WEM....this is the equivalent of defining it in Active Directory


Hi Guys, 


I am also struggling with this. Hope someone can give me a hand here to understand what I am missing...


WEM version = 1906.0.1.1

I have a share (hosted on NAS) with correct permissions (same as permissions as UPM UsrProfile that is working correctly).

I created a Network Drive action in WEM to map \\server\share\Home\%username%.%userdomain% and under Options, both Self Healing and Set as Home Drive are checked.


The Home Drive action is assigned to the Everyone built-in group in WEM.


I would expect the Home folder (%username%.%userdomain%) of the user to be created if it does not exists else just get mapped.


At user logon in the Citrix WEM Agent.log I can read: 

07:52:03 Warning -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.SetNetworkDriveName() : Network Drive -> Home (Id:1) -> Network Drive Name Configuration Skipped -> Registry Root Missing

07:52:03 Exception -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.ProcessNetworkDriveConnection() : The specified network resource or device is no longer available
07:52:03 Exception -> VuemNetworkDriveExecutor.ExecuteMapNetworkDrive() : Network Drive -> Home (Id:1) -> Network Drive Connection Failed -> Exiting
07:52:03 Exception -> VuemNetworkDriveController.ProcessSingleEntityTask() : Error while processing Network Drive: Home for Item: Everyone (S-1-1-0)

From a cmd.exe published to that user I am able create a test folder and files without issues under the Home share. 


I am wondering if I should configure a Create Folder action first to create the user Home folder... or if I am missing something else. 

I would really appreciate any suggestions else I will have to use GPOs for the home drive.... 


Thanks in advance for your help.








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