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How to find list of Applications Published on individual broker/VDA servers?

Abhinav Jyoti



I'm managing a XenApp LTSR 7.15 CU1 Site Enterprise Edition. I need to run a report on my Site to find the list of applications published on individual VDA servers. Similar to what "Qfarm / App" used to do in previous versions.

 Get-BrokerApplication only gives the AssociatedDesktopGroup(uid) and AssociatedApplicationGroup(uid) which is not what I'm looking for. I found Get-BrokerMachine has one property "PublishedApplications" which gives a truncated output, so I gave it a try using -expandproperty, however it still doesn't give the full "Application Name".


I've tried everything in my capacity to get the report with no success and hence seeking your help!




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Since I had a lot of applications with similar names it didn't return accurate details.

Looks like there are no direct ways to get the data I need. Probably because the applications are not directly linked to machines but through Delivery / Application groups. Opening a call with Citrix didn't help either as they refused to give support /guidance for powershell commands beyond what is already mentioned in documentation.


I'm sharing a script which gives you output with broker machine names for each application, which only works if you have published the applications through Delivery groups and not through Application groups:


asnp citrix*
$apps = Get-BrokerApplication
foreach ($app in $apps){
Write-Output "`n`r"
Write-Output "Application name: $($app.name)"
$dgUIDs = $app.AssociatedDesktopGroupUids
foreach ($dgUID in $dgUIDs){
$VDAs = Get-BrokerDesktop -DesktopGroupUid $dgUID
Write-Output "`tDeliveryGroup:
foreach ($VDA in $VDAs){
Write-Output "`t`tVDA: $($VDA.DNSName) Machine Catalog: $($VDA.CatalogName)"



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you could loop through the list of apps per server and just grab the entire published name from the get-brokerapplication command


$array = @()

$a = Get-BrokerMachine -HostedMachineName XXXXX # loop through your servers here

foreach ($app in $a.PublishedApplications)


$temp = Get-BrokerApplication -AdminAddress XXXXXX | where {$_.publishedname.startswith("$app")} | select PublishedName

$array = $array + $temp



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