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Question on storefront host files modification

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Hi, hoping someone can help clarify something for me:


"Citrix recommends that you modify the hosts file on your StoreFront servers to ensure that Receiver for Web always talks to the local StoreFront server instead of the load balancer"


I know you can use the loop back setting now to do this, but my question is why do you have to do this? At what point does the storefront server itself try to talk to the load balanced URL".




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I know this is an old thread but I have the same question.

I'm using single FQDN.  Currently enable loopback communication is On (default I guess).  

Outside -> NSGW -> LBVIP (still in DMZ)* -> SF servers

Inside -> LBVIP (internal IP) -> SF servers.

*Citrix consultant recommended setting up LBVIP in DMZ rather than sending NSGW to internal NS LBVIP


Carl - your documentation says to add the LBVIP IP into my HOSTS file on SF.  Not sure this is needed if DNS resolves to the same place. Regardless I thought it was always the recommendation from Citrix to point the base url in the HOSTS file to its own IP.


Basically my question is - I do not understand why I would want loopback communication to be on.  Seems like I'm unnecessarily bouncing traffic around.  I'm frequently getting 'Cannot Complete Request' from home and this seemed to stop after I took my second SF server out of both load balancers.


With loopback on my traffic flow is outside -> gateway -> lbvip ext -> sf  -> lbvip int - > sf



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