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Windows 2016 Default Printer

Robert Raschke


Hello everyone,


I am currently in an evaluation process for Server 2016 migration of our XA 7.15 environment.


Some applications are using this registry key when looking for the default printer:



Windows itselfs seems to store the information in:

"HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\SessionDefaultDevices\PART_OF_SID\Device"


So every application, that uses a Windows print dialog works fine, other applications are getting one of the server installed printers returned (in my case its "PDF24"), regardless of what the user has selected as default.

"LegacyPrintMode" is enabled, sessions printer are created and Windows sets the clients default printer as the session default printer. Only the first registry key above stays always the same...


Any ideas?




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Thanks ganeshr,


we are only using redirected client printers. So the "Printer assingnments" policy is emtpy and the default printer policy is set to "clients main printer".


I have confirmed now, that this also affects Microsoft RDP with redirected printers even on servers without VDA. So this seems to be a Microsoft thing...

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I ran into this same issue, but it turned out to be a bug inside a PowerBuilder application that only showed up when RD Session Host was installed on Server 2016.  Something appears to have changed with how Windows updates those registry keys, so my app wasn't pulling the correct printer from the registry.


A workaround might be to deploy a login script that updates the key from SessionDefaultDevices on login.


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this issue should be solved with XenApp 7.18.

Unfortunately I CAN'T confirm this.


For me the regkey HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Device is still not updated if the default printer will be changed.


Can someone confirm the issue is still not solved?

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We have this problem too here.

We use Windows 2019 / VDA 1909 / UPM Profiles. Printer are not set automatically (No windows policy, no Citrix Policy).

Strange is that is does not always happens, not with all users.

It seems to happen more when the users has to connect to printers that are in an other location than the citrix server (network latency).


I tried to set the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\Ica\PrintingSettings    DisableNetworkPrinterDisconnect=1  Key but it didn't help.


Has anybody an Idea?

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