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Nested virtualization - Running VMware Workstation on Windows 10 (Xenserver VM)

Elad Grossman1709152795




We are trying to install VMware Workstation (Ver 10.0.1) on top Windows 10 (XenServer 7.4 VM).

Getting the following error "This product may not be installed on a computer that has Microsoft HyperV installed"


1. Windows 10 (Ver 1709) is a plain Vanilla installation without any HyperV Role installed. 

2. I have already enabled Nested Virtualization per this VM - http://richsitblog.com/index.php/2015/10/12/enabling-nested-virtualization-on-citrix-xenserver/.


Environment :


1. XenServer 7.4.

2. Windows 10 (1709).

3. VMware Workstation (10.0.1).


Please help :).





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VMware workstation is just checking for the presence of a hypervisor and making the incorrect assumption that this could only be Hyper-V. The same check will detect XenServer and error, so you can't install VMware Workstation in a Windows VM running on XenServer.

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