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ERROR Address already in use

Sandy Williams

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Hello, trying to migrate a VIP from one VPX to another VPX.  I deleted the VIP from the old VPX and adding it to the new VPX (after removing the IP I  tried pinging it and got nothing).


add lb vserver Storefront_LB_VS SSL x.x.x.x 443
ERROR: Address already in use

I also tried 'show arp' on the new VPX and saw the IP so I removed it from ARP.


I'm at a loss now.. I gave up and added the IP back to the old VPX because I'm wasting a lot of time.  The new VPX is running the very latest firmware - NS12.0 Build 57.24. The VPX that was my old one is running a few minor builds older..

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On 4/24/2018 at 4:10 PM, Sandy Williams said:

Yes, on both I ran 'sh run | grep "< ip address>"' and there's nothing (after I removed it from the old VPX)


Ok. so I figured it out. The Netscaler apparently creates a system service under the hood when you use a domain name in the session profiles. I was able to reuse the IP by unbinding the session profiles from Gateway and also editing the session action -wihome value with a fake url.


Once I changed the session action to a temporary bogus url, it allowed me to reuse the IP.

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