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Additional Storefront server (new OS)

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I have a citrix site (XenApp 7.13) that has the default components installed on 2 physical servers. Delivery controller, storefront, studio & director.

I want to add 2 extra servers in to be additional delivery controllers, but also upgrade the operating system at the same time.

Built 2 virtual 2016 standard servers, installed the components without any issues. Attempted to add the first server in as an additional controller. The install as an additional controller went in fine as a delivery controller. The add bombed out when it was attempting to add the server to the storefront group (didnt say to add to the group). It copied some of the files, but not all of them.

I removed the delivery controller out of the site so again it is just a server with the OS & components installed.

I have since read that mixed OS's are not supported when it comes to Storefront. 2016 would have a newer version of IIS, so that makes sense.

To get this additional server added, would it be best to configure storefront by exporting the config from the existing storefront group. Import to server 1 running the same version of Storefront (but running Server 2016), upgrade storefront to 3.9, then add the 2nd server into the group (also running Server 2016, with storefront 3.9 already installed).

Then attempt to install the 2 servers as additional delivery controllers, then remove the physical boxes from the site.




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