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WEM Agent not synchronising

Andrew Parry


We have created a POC lab to investigate the usability of WEM but have hit an issue with synchronising the local cache database on the VDA.

For reference in finding a solution:

> VDA - Server 2016 with McAfee installed (error occurs with McAfee disabled) 

> SQL database is hosted on SQL 2016 and the service account that is running the WEM broker service has full SA permissions to this database. 


The settings applied within WEM do apply as the Control panel can be restricted etc, but there is still the error with the local db cache sync.

Debug log states the following:

15:53:34 Exception -> BrokerLocalCacheSync.SyncData() : Snapshot isolation level is not supported for distributed transaction. Use another isolation level or do not use distributed transaction.
15:53:34 Exception -> BrokerLocalCacheSync.InternalRun() : Unexpected Local Broker Cache Synchronization Error Occured, Please Check Debug Logs for further details

Any help appreciated. 

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I usually try to delete the local cache and see if it downloads successfully from the server when refreshing the agent . The local cache is under: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Norskale\Norskale Agent Host\Local Databases".


You may refresh the agent manually by running this: 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Norskale\Norskale Agent Host\AgentCacheUtility.exe" -refreshcache

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Thanks for the reply.


I've tried the two steps above and no improvement unfortunately. 

There is a local cache that appears in Local Databases but the sync icon on WEM Admin console still shows as a red cross. 

Running the manual refresh generates the error stated in the original post. 

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19 minutes ago, James Kindon said:

I have never seen this - this looks very much like a SQL setting....might be time to ask the DBA what is going on there


No changes have been made to the default settings outlined in Citrix WEM guide.

The WEM settings are being applied which would suggest that the DB is being read, just the synchronisation error showing.

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Just an update on this... 


As soon as the Database Availability Group is stopped, WEM synchronises as expected and all looks good.

When the DAG is re-enabled, this breaks the Local cache from synchronising. 


Unfortunately, Citrix closed the support case before waiting for me to confirm anything so I'm waiting for the case to be reopened. 

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Citrix remoted through on Friday and spent just over an hour looking through the setup - error is reoccurring 

so waiting on an update today whilst a test environment is setup at their end.


I think the debug logs for WEM in this instance simply do not give enough detail in to what the issue is, making root cause analysis quite hard. 

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I have similar issue after upgrading WEM from 1903 to 1906. 

From the Wem Server i can see the following event error: "Unexpected Local Broker Cache Synchronization Error Occured, Please Check Debug Logs for further details"

From the agent itself, the event error is "Local Agent cache synchronization error occured, please Check debug log for more details"


The local cache from the agent server can be recreated without any problem but the sync icon on WEM Admin console still shows as a red cross. 


I asked the DBA to add SQL sysadmin permission to the WEM Infrastructure Service Account, and now the synchronisation on the WEM console is fine.


I thought the sysadmin permission is needed only for Database creation or update and then the WEM Service account will only need "read and Write" access to the DB, is that correct with the latest version 1906?


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