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Any way to find out reason for session disconnection

Gaurav Jain1709158709


Hi guys, we are using XenDesktop 7.1 setup, with 7.6 LTSR VDAs, no NetScaler in between and everything is working absolutely fine. We recently added some users from a new site and randomly some of those users face receiver disconnections. The problem is not at the server-end as at the time of disconnection, many users are working on the same server having active sessions. It points to network issue at user's end but I need to give proof of this. I have tried the following:


1. Enabled Receiver logs on the user's machine by following CTX132883 but network-level details are not recorded it seems. Maybe it's for troubleshooting install failures?

2. Procmon only highlights that "reconnect" action initiated in TCP View operation when disconnection happens

3. TCPview isn't helping much as well


Is there a way I can get a log clearly stating that due to network issue, the receiver has entered the re-connection mode? I don't think I will be able to troubleshoot this on the VDA from which the user got disconnected as the details of disconnection are obviously not exposed till the VDA

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