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Citrix Receiver Reconnect Issues after Standby - Windows 10

Andre Schreiber

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Hi community,


following Problem:


when users wake up their Windows 10 devices (like Surface or Miix) from standby mode (after 15 minutes of inactivity), Citrix Receiver can not reconnect the virtual desktop session. It just greys out and the count down starts (Connection interrupted - trying to reconnect). After a while this window closes itself.

Its no problem to close the desktop-window and connect to the active terminal server session by clicking the icon in Citrix Receiver "start panel". Citrix Receiver will only ask for authentication after 120 minutes.

We have tried different Receiver Versions (4.5, 4.6 LTSR, 4.9 LTSR, 4.11)

The Problem does not occur when connected through LAN without Netscaler.

Session Reliability is on. On Netscaler we can see connected sessions with port 2598. We tested Session Reliability with disconnecting an reconnecting WLAN connection - no Problem.

We allready updated Netscaler to latest release, but the issue still occurs.


Citrix Broker Version:     7.6.3000 (LTSR CU3) (will update to 7.15.1000 shortly)

Citrix VDA Versions:       7.6.4000.7424


Citrix Storefront:   

OS:                                     Server 2012R2 (Shared Desktops)

Hosting:                            MCS – Vmware ESX 6.5U1

Netscaler:                         12.0 57.19


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!





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You will need to review Packet traces to see what exactly went wrong.


If you dont mind taking a stab in the dark .. 


I had seen a similar issue, which turned out to be the STA server was invalidating the tickets (time-out) ... when receiver came out of sleep it produced the previously issued STA Ticket to gateway, gateway forwarded to STA Server which rejected it. 


Try tweaking the ticket lifetime value to see if it helps https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX230532, default is 100 Seconds

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Hi, nearly two years later, but no solution yet.

Same behaviour with latest ADC (47.24) and CVAD 1912.  


Problem only occurs waking up from standby or disabled Display in between the session reliablility or reconnect timeout. 

Disabling/Enabling WLAN or changing networks shows a working SR and reconnect. Closing the session Windows an clicking the icon in workspace App connects to the session just fine.

Problem occurs with EDT enabled and disabled (TCP <-> UDP).

Latest Workspace App. 


I'm opening a case right now.


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