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Intermittent issues after upgrading to 7.15LTSR

Aramis McVey


Were having issues ever since we upgraded from 7.6 to 7.15. One of our major applications when users launch get the following error: The Centricity's container for .NET-based pages failed to initialize. Make sure your .NET environment is configured to gran Full Trust to this Web site.

The site is added to the list of full trust through a gpo assigned across all the citrix boxes. This is a random error that pops and affects maybe 20 - 30% of users when they launch the application. In order to get the users logged in, the helpdesk will reset their session and once they hit a different citrix box, they are able to get in. But like I said, there could be 100 sessions on the server that the one user gets the error, so it's random as can be. We have tried a registry entry to set to full trust, edited a web.config file related to the application to grant full trust to the site to no avail. Any ideas as to what can be causing this issue. This popped up the day after upgrading to 7.15 and never had this error on 7.6.

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