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Desktop folder not being created on published seamless application only


Hi you guys,


I discovered in a recent troubleshooting that "Desktop" folder is not being created when users accesses published seamless applications. When I published explorer.exe and tested, I received "C:\Users\***\Desktop refers to a location that is not available" others folders like Documents is created normaly.

The issue is not reproduced when on published desktop (Windows Server 2012/ XenApp 7.8) or in a RDS session.

When UPM (5.4) is disabled, the issue is not reproduced too.

Does anyone experienced something similar? This behavior is causing some issues under applications.

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We have witnessed the same issue (Win2016, XD7.18)

Published apps do not create the Desktop folder on redirected share.  All other folders are created.

When logged into Published desktops the folder is created.

We have edited our login scripts to force a check and create the folder if not present.  

I'm guessing because its a published app the client doesn't create the folder as it wouldn't be needed.  Unfortunately some older apps default to the Desktop.

App function is not affected, it just throws an error that folder is not found.  The folder can be created from the app if needed.

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