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Auto Update to Version 14.11 Update = SSL Error 4


I'm looking for some help.

Infrastructure :

Netscaler VPX - version NS11.1 47.14.nc

XenApp 7.12

Published apps and desktops.


Users can access our apps & desktops fine when using Receiver 14.10.  Unfortunately,  14.10 is now starting it's auto update to 14.11 and we're now seeing users getting the SSL4 error when trying to launch an app or desktop.


For now,  we're pushing out an SCCM package to downgrade the users to 14.10 with the AutoUpdate switch to disable.  This is fine for our corporate machines but not great for BYOD.


What is causing the SSL4 error for Receiver 14.11 ?  We need this resolved.




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Can you please confirm if the following policy in the below mentioned article  is being set on the VDA's 


Section "Manually configure TLS on a VDA" below Step 9.



Basically add the below string to the SSL Cipher Suite Order GPO of VDA:



If not, can this  be done on VDA side and share the behavior?

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Getting this error


Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error:  SSL Error 4: The operation completed successfully. 


with Netscaler vpx 12.0 with XD 7.17 and VDA 7.17 and Citrix Receiver 4.12


Suggest me if the ciphers only to be updated in VDA or this has to be updated in gateway vserver SSL ciphers too ? .


Based on the https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX221453  i assume NS vpx 12.0 is not affected by interoperability issue, so a firmware upgrade is not required

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