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Auto Update to Version 14.11 Update = SSL Error 4


I'm looking for some help.

Infrastructure :

Netscaler VPX - version NS11.1 47.14.nc

XenApp 7.12

Published apps and desktops.


Users can access our apps & desktops fine when using Receiver 14.10.  Unfortunately,  14.10 is now starting it's auto update to 14.11 and we're now seeing users getting the SSL4 error when trying to launch an app or desktop.


For now,  we're pushing out an SCCM package to downgrade the users to 14.10 with the AutoUpdate switch to disable.  This is fine for our corporate machines but not great for BYOD.


What is causing the SSL4 error for Receiver 14.11 ?  We need this resolved.




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After looking into Director,  I notice some users were connecting in & launching apps fine using 4.11(14.11).

That shows there's nothing wrong with our NetScalers/certs/StoreFronts & it's something else local.......   The users connecting fine with 4.11 were all BOYD devices.


Because of the above, I've been doing some further testing.  This issue "may" be down to an incompatibility with certain versions of Microsoft Windows.

Last night I upgraded from Windows 10 1607 to 1709 and the newest version of Citrix Receiver 4.11(14.11) is working perfectly.

Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB is also showing the issue.

At the moment, this fix has only been tested on my PC,  I'll do more testing later today.


What version of Windows are you guys seeing this issue with ?




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Response from support:

We did receive a number of issues related to the same receiver 4.11 version. I have checked with my internal team on this as well.


The work around for this issue are as follows:-

>- Receiver 4.11 on Windows 10 1709 - Working

>- Downgrade the receiver to 4.10


I will keep you updated with any progress on this issue.

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