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Taskbar preview only showing content of active window



The previews in the taskbar, when hovering over the application icon shows only the content of the currently active window.

You can see in my example pictures that the active window is Internet Explorer and when hovering over the Outlook 2010 icon it shows the same content.


Does someone know how to fix this?

2018-03-07 09_31_16-preview.png

2018-03-07 09_32_12-preview.png


We use Receiver 4.11 with Xenapp 7.15.1 on Windows Server 2012R2

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To clarify: client OS Win7 and Win10 are affected.

While testing it seems like the problem surfaced, when we enabled the preview for multi-mointor-setups (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\Seamless Windows  EnablePreviewForMultiMonitor)

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Me too. XA7.15 CU2, W2k12R2, Receiver 4.9 U4, Win10 1709.


But a Workaround: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Create RegKey and restart Receiver.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Citrix\ICA Client\Graphics Engine]


This might help too if you have random session freezes or crashes with HDX Engine.

The issues started after upgrade to 4.9 CU4 (from 4.4.4000).




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40 minutes ago, Roman Putanko1709158984 said:

Hi, can confirm the private fixes the issue.

For Multi Monitor Preview please check CTX208020. I set it in the default.ica on my storefront.

Hi, thanks alot!
I also changed the default.ica and it worked finally. Had a case with Citrix for this that have been open for a while now.
Think i am gonna try here first in the future :10_wink:.



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we have VDA 7.15.4 and VDA 7.15.5 on W2k12R2 with Receiver 4.9.7 and 4.9.8 tested.

In both situations we see problems with previews when haveing one Monitor.

(can't switch between windows; previews stuck when hovering;)



When activating "EnablePreviewForMultiMonitor" we also see the problem on clients with 2 monitors.


We opened a case 2 Weeks ago. No Ideas from Citrix so far.


did anyone find a solution? Receiver downgrade?

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Yes the fix was GA in Workspace App 1909


Yesterday it was released Citrix Workspace App for Windows 1909 containing the fix LD1030 that was causing the issue.

About this release


When you hover the mouse pointer over an application icon while several applications are running, the taskbar preview might show only the active window’s content. Note: With client rendered Flash or Windows Media Redirection, the taskbar preview might not display correctly. [LD1030]"

Best regards Juergen

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