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Netscaler as ADFS Proxy: MS-ADFSPIP Compliance

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Is there any planned support for MS-ADFSPIP ? 

In Microsofts revised ADFS Third Party Proxy requirements it is now required that third party proxies supports MS-ADFSPIP


ref: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/identity/ad-fs/overview/ad-fs-requirements#BKMK_3


I have several implementations today using Netscaler as an ADFS WAP Replacement. 

I can successfully do passive federation 

I can successfully do active federation (utilizing Kerberos Constrained Delegation)

I can register office using netscaler as adfs proxy, i can do windows 10 license registration, i can do lync and other applications requireing active federation. 

I can do cert based auth (using port 49443) 


To reach functionallity level I have used several sources of information including reading big ip documentation since Citrix documentation is lacking alot on this matter. 


I am however concerned for future compabillity using Netscaler as an WAP replacement. 

I noticed BigIP also brags about ADFSPIP Compliance. 


It would be of great relief for me and my customers to get some official information from Citrix on this matter. 






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Hi All,


Can anyone confirm if I should be able to use NetScaler ADFS proxy for ADFS 4 and decipher extranet users? Currently NetScaler proxied requests aren't being detected as Extranet and thus MFA isn't being triggered as a requirement for our relying party it's configured on... I really don't want to deploy WAFs for this task. Unfortunately it looks like zero activity has been made to officially support ADFS proxy tasks by Citrix...

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You can but you are stuck with decoding the ADFS-MSPIP standard and decoding and setting the correct http headers. You also need to decode and understand how to do active federation trough a netscaler. This forum contains the pieces of information required to achieve active federation.

I would advise to chase Citrix on https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX233717

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