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10gb direct attached iscsi - 3 host xenserver pool


Currently configuring Freenas 11.1 on a R510 with 3x 10gb Intel SPF+ NICs, 3x R620's each with a single 10gb SPF+ connected directly to FreeNas 11.1 U1. 

Each of the 10gb NICs is in a separate network.


I've configured a single iSCSI portal with all 3 networks, in Xen when adding the SR for the host I enter,, it then produces a list of targets, when selecting *(,, it errors out and does not list the LUN. How do I go about troubleshooting this, or is then even the best method? If not, what would be the best method for connecting all three hosts which are in difference networks to the LUN?



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First off, I assume the NAS is set up so it'll recognize the IQN values of all servers, right? Then, you have multipathing switched on on all three hosts, right? (To do so, you have to put the host into maintenance mode and change it over by picking the general settings and going down to where it has the multipath setting.)

Make sure the device configuration is in place in the /etc/multipath.conf file -- XenServer only comes with select few, hence you may have to add this manually depending on teh device. You'll need to then restart variou siSCSI daemons, as well, so they are picked up by the system. Again, this would need to be done on each XenServer host.


Did you first try doing an iscsiadm discovery from each host?  Run this from each host:


iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p (primary-iSCSI-interface-IP-address)

iscsiadm -m node --loginall=all

iscsiadm -m session


Then try the iSCSI connection once more.


Hope this helps,


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we have 1 GB cards at the Windows Storage 2016 and 2 x XenServer 7.6 host and all is working fine.

To speedup the network we have installed Intel X520 10 GB at the sotrage and on both hosts.


Creating a new storage at XenServer failed after choosing LUN.


We have a 2 question:


Does this commands have an impact on the  existing 1GB connected NIC to a storage?

Can we use the commands for our X520 card?


iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p (primary-iSCSI-interface-IP-address)

iscsiadm -m node --loginall=all

iscsiadm -m session







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Shouldn't be a problem, I take it thats a separate network/vlan. And you make it all the way through 

to seeing the LUN, you just fail at the SR. I would look at /var/log/SMlog and see what storage is doing.

Just an off the top of my head guess I would see if you may be using Jumbo frames on the 1Gb and not

the 10Gb or something like that.




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