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NMAS StyleBook cipher configuration

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On 3/1/2018 at 7:51 PM, Max Lindqvist1709152463 said:


Simple question. Does anyone know how to unbind/remove a ciphergroup using StyleBooks?

I just cannot figure it out.

you can delete the stylebook config pack where you have configured that group which in turn will remove the cipher group including its binding.Can you share your stylebook?



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Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.

This is when I create a new SSL vserver using a StyleBook. It then automatically gets the "DEFAULT" cipher group and I don't want that.


I tried to paste the StyleBook parts here but the formatting gets totally screwed up (I guess due to the YAML space based formatting..).

So, to be more clear.

1. I create a ciphersuite (group).

2. I bind ciphers to that suite.

3. I create a ssl vserver.

4. I bind the sipher suite to that vserver.


This gives me a vserver with the DEFAULT cipher group AND my own bound to it and I don't want the DEFAULT to be bound.

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This is the component which is creating the binding.


    name: aaa-external-settings-sslciphersuite-binding
    type: ns::sslvserver_sslciphersuite_binding
    description: SSL Cipher group binding
      ciphername: APLUS
      vservername: "aaa_sys_external_______________"

A corresponding "ciphername: !DEFAULT" or something like that would be useful.

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Yikes, I came across that problem also. This is a very very important feature that definitly is needed imho.

Any update on the progress in the discussions with your leads yet?


By the way this also renders the SSL settings in Citrix's default Stylebooks useless because whichever ciphers will be added, the weak DEFAULT set will hit first.

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