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Stuck at boot after reboot during PVS Device Capture Wizard

Teun Visser


Dear community,


I'm running the following environment:

- Provisioning Services 7.13 (Server and Master Target Device).

- XenApp 7.13 on the Delivery Controllers / XenApp 7.16 as version for the Virtual Desktop Agent.

- VMWare vSphere / vCenter 6.0


Trying to capture a vDisk using the traditional method:

- Building the reference machine (Master Target Device).

- Running the PVS wizard, providing all necessary input.

- When the PVS wizard asks me to reboot via PXE, I reboot, while having mounted the PVS boot image I created mounted to the CD/DVD drive.

- The reboot occurs. Booting from the PVS ISO. The vDisk gets succesfully created in PVS, but after that the Master Target Device hangs on the Windows Logo while booting up. (see attached screenshot for clarification.)


Maybe i'm missing something? I've made vDisks at many other customers this way before, never had issues before.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,







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