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vDisk merge process quits with error 0xE00000070

Soumlren Jacobson




I'm currently ran into the issue, that I can`t merge my productive vDisk anymore. The process directly shows up 100% and quit with the message "There is not enough space on the disk. Error number 0xE00000070".

In my environment, I`ve got 2 PVS Server with 7.15 LTSR and the PVS-Store ist hosted on a NetApp CIFS Share over UNC-Path. The share is 570GB with 333GB free space on it.

The vDisk has a size of 64 GB and there are 5 versions wich I want to merge.

New Version are no Problem but when I want to create a merged Base, it behaves like described.

After hours of asking google, I found an interessting link https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX214537, but the script in the link shows up enough free space.


Rebooting both Servers didn't change anything, the problem remains.


If anybody has an idea, I would be glad for all possibilities :)


And sorry fpr my very bad english, it`s not my native language ;)


Many thanks,



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Try doing a manual merge.



Or this process:


1. Copy your VHD and AVHD files to a new folder.

2. On the server where your VHD and AVHD files are located open command prompt.

3. Type Diskpart and press enter.

4. Type Select vdisk file=”<store path/location of where you copied the vdisk and version to>\<last avhd file name>”

5. Type Mergevdisk depth=X

Replace the number 6 with your specific number of version files that need to be merged.

This is basically the same process that the PVS Soap service does from the console.


After you merge the vdisk, you can rename the merged vdisk, import it into the store and assign it to target devices.

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