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Multiple PVS Connectors for different servers

Nick Panaccio


Is it possible to have multiple PVS Connectors that access different PVS server consoles? In our QA environment, I've mainly been using a single site for everything, but want to add our second site into the mix to make it easier to publish vDisks directly to that PVS server. However, after going through the PVS config on that server, I still only see the original PVS server in the New PVS Connector page's console drop-down box. I have gone through the steps on this support page to see if that would resolve the issue to no avail: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226646.


I did try creating a second connector that used the original server, but selecting a different store (on the second PVS server), but the Publish request failed with "A failure occurred while publishing the image to PVS server CTXPVS1 (CTXPVS1.domain.com). Error: Server specified is not in the Site specified." I do see the actual .vhd file on the first PVS server's vDisk drive, but it's just not added to the Pool in the PVS console. Not idea, but this scenario is kind of what I'm trying to avoid, having to copy the vDisk to the other server.

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On ‎23‎.‎02‎.‎2018 at 6:51 PM, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

I assume you are also using 4.7 for your ELM.  The registration is what adds the PVS server name into the database on the ELM so if registration was successful when you create a new PVS connector the new PVS server should be a choice.  I guess I would open a ticket with support.

Is there any possibility to select multiple PVS-Server in a single connector, or Multiple connectors in a single image-Template.


This would be to enable publishing same image to multiple PVS-Server simultaneouly, and avoid copying from one PVS to another after publishing.

Since there is already possibility to enable PVS "Load Balacing" in connector.

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