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DAvid Kirby

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I am having an issue when using the RFWebUI portal theme bound to a VPN server. When selecting virtual desktops and apps (ICA Proxy) at the client choices screen I am not directed to the Storefront Web site at /Citrix/StorefrontWeb. Instead I am directed to /logon/logonpoint/index.html and an error in the page saying "There are no apps or desktops available to you at this time".


If I select clientless access apps/desktops are correctly enumerated from Storefront. We have 2 sites and each has a HA pair. Initially I was getting a spinning circle at the logon page and had to press F5 to refresh the page. I upgraded 1 appliance at our DR site which resolved that issue but the Storefront page till doesn't display.


I have replicated the basic set up on a VPX on our internal LAN, with the session policy pointing to the same storefront server and that works as it should. I have checked the session policies being applied to a user using the shell command "nsconmsg -d current -g pol_hits" and the correct policy is being applied and the settings are correct. This is the default theme and no modifications have been made.


I have ran a fiddler trace and a request is being made to  /cgi/getHomepageConfig which results in a 404 response header. This I can also see in the NS.Log file. There is no request being made to /Citrix/StorefrontWeb.


For the purposes of testing for the test user I have ensured EPA scans do not get applied and there are no responder policies being applied as I have read these are not compatabile with RFWebUi.


The STA servers are correct.


Things work as they should when using the Default carbon and X1 themes. After a couple of days I am at a loss of what else to check.

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1. The build is 12 56.20nc

2. I have disabled HSTS on the VPN virtual server and on the Storefront load balanced VIP.

3. Everything works with the default carbon fibre, X1 and green bubble themes.


Yet it all works on a VPX with a identically configured VPN server and session policy and pointing to the load balanced storefront VIP on the live Netscaler appliance.


Why are features/builds released without testing that all features/options work as they should resulting in end users spending excessive time troubleshooting things that should work as per the documentation.

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