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Unable to renew XenServer 5.6 - 6.0 Free Licenses

Mariano Aprea


Hi, we are running Xenserver 5.6 SP2 and 6.0.2 and we cannot renew the free license. The 'Request Activation Key' button is throwing a connection error so we also tried submitting the activation form at deliver.citrix.com, but we haven't received the requested free license for those servers.

Is it possible to get a new license generated? We are planning to migrate to 7.x shortly but the current license is expiring in 5 days so we really need to extend it for now.


Thanks very much for your help!

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On 19/2/2018 at 2:37 PM, David Cottingham said:


Thanks for the response David. We've already upgraded a few servers to 6.5 (it was really smooth). The rest of them are on the to-do list and running thanks to a solution provided by robdo.

So you may close the thread.


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I am having a similar issue. Have a XenServer Enterprise pool of 4 servers, but the license server went off line. I need to get a free license for 5.6 to get it online so I can turn the license server back on. We are not able to migrate to the new version until next year's budget cycle. The 3 month activation site is down right now

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My understanding is that the renewal of my free version of XenServer 5.6 license service will be terminated by the end of March. For this reason, I gave me a reminder around March 23, 2019, asking for another month to renew. Unfortunately, the license update service has been closed and my new VM server is not running yet, I am very nervous because my current free license will expire, and unfortunately the server is automatically shut down unexpectedly. Can anyone get a free XenServer license for me? Will 5.6 expire mybe in two to three weeks? If anyone can provide such a license file and send it to my email: help.me, I would be very grateful.                Sam_hui@nc-s.hk

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