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Troubles with consistency of setting: "Use client time zone"

Teun Visser


Dear Citrix Community,


We (as a dutch IT office) provide XenApp servers (version 7.13) (through Citrix PVS (also version 7.13)) to a client in China (Hong Kong). These servers are hosted in our datacenter, which is located in the Netherlands.

As you can inmagine, these people would very much appreciate having their local time synchonised with the time being displayed within they're XenApp session.

To accomplish this we've configured the following Citrix Policy: "Use client time zone" -> Set to: "Use client time zone".

The policy description states the following:


"On XenApp or XenDesktop VDA Server OS: By default, the server's time zone is used for the session. For this setting to be enforced enable the "Allow time zone redirection" setting in the Remote Desktop Services node of the Group Policy Management Console."


So, to complement the Citrix Policy, we've also set the following setting to apply to all XenApp servers:

Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Device and Resource Redirection -> Setting "Allow time zone redirection" to "Enabled".


So far so good, one might think. The Hong Kong users log in, find themselves having their local time synchronised to the XenApp session.

However, this behaviour does not seem persistant. The time in the users XenApp session sometimes jumps to the native time on the server (Dutch time).
I have specifically asked the affected users when the issue occurs, they told me its completely random. Sometimes the issue occurs when they start a new session. Sometimes it occurs when they are working in an existing sessions. The clock jumps to the native time on the XenApp server and time redirection gets ignored.


We are using the latest version of Citrix Receiver: 4.10, so in that compartment we're completely up-to-date.


Any help would be greatly  appreciated.


Thanks in advance,






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