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Instances lost after SDX upgrade

Laurent PLGY

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Our Netscaler SDX 8015 has been upgraded  from 11.0 67.12 to

Affer upgrade, instances are no longer visible. The SDX has been restarted with the same result.
The rediscover function has been used without success.

I can reach each instance management url with its IP adress. Upgrade has been done from 11.0 67.12 to 11.1 56.19.nc version. Rediscover from SDX still doesn't work.

Any idea to solve it ? Thanks in advance !

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This happened to me as well. So after the upgrade and first log in was like where are all my settings? What i found was that a new security option in 12.1 that restricts views to instances wasn't applied to the group we used for LDAP thanks to this helpful article.  Logged in as nsroot --> system group --> checked the box  "system access". Logged in again using LDAP account and everything was there. Thanks for the helpful response saved me waiting 2 days for support to respond since did this upgrade on a weekend!


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