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Citrix Receiver does not work with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication on mobile devices

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Has anyone managed to get Citrix Receiver on mobile devices to work with modern push notification multi-factor authentication services?

We are using Microsoft's MFA - which we also use for O365 - and it works well through Receiver on Windows/Mac - but not on mobile devices like iPad's or iPhones. The only workaround is to get people to login to Citrix via Safari rather than use the Receiver App, which makes it quite a clunky process for users.


I've logged it as an issue but Citrix won't confirm if it is even on any roadmap to implement. You would think given their work with Microsoft on Azure that this would be high up on their list.

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No - I logged it as an issue with Citrix. At first they denied it was a problem, then they admitted it is an issue but it wasn't on their development roadmap to fix.

I think it is pretty bad that the Citrix Receiver on iOS won't work with modern MFA solutions. Especially given all their marketing around how great Citrix is for security. They are working with Microsoft on getting Citrix into Azure - maybe that is their priority.

The only way we can get it to work on iOS mobile devices is to make sure the Citrix Receiver app is installed - then log into citrix using Safari. This will let you use Azure MFA to authenticate and should launch Citrix Receiver. It works but its not very slick for users.

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It appears it's still an issue, but only for iOS devices. It works with Android and the Workspace App, but subsequent logons causes an error 438 to be thrown. If you remove/re-add the store, it follows the MFA prompts and you're in and working as long as the session timer doesn't expire.


I've seen this issue before with Duo and Receiver, but can't get it to work on the iPad/iPhone at all without manual WI setup.


P.S. at least the Workspace for Android has a neat little tickbox that says "Add Account type as Web Interface".


Hoping one of you has received some golden nuggets from Citrix?

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Check this article - I unchecked "authentication" for my LDAP load-balanced server under Netscaler Gateway -> Policies -> Authentication -> LDAP -> Servers and everything appears to work fine for both Android and IOS. Group extraction works fine and the passcode box is gone from Receiver till you authenticate (or use push app). 



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