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Replicating persistence over HA pair

Paul Blitz

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A student just asked a question that I'm not 100% sure of the answer:


If you have, eg, Source IP persistence, is that persistence replicated across an HA pair?


I believe the answer is no, so if it's an issue, you need to choose another way around it .... so select a LB method with inherent persistence, or use a persistence method that doesn't need the persistence table to be used.


Has anyone any experience of this? 



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Yes, persisted sessions are replicated. We do not use Connection Failover. You can view sessions on an HA node by using the command:

show persistentSessions

If you run this on the secondary node you will see sessions even though the node is not receiving traffic.


We've run into some related issues with session HA sync when the HA nodes were different versions (our particular issue was that sessions in the persistence table were not cleared after their TTL hit 0)...so make sure the firmware versions are the same.

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