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Dell 5250 AIO - Unable to Boot into Vdisk

Jonathan Block


Hello All,


I'm trying to create a vdisk for use with Dell 5250 All-In-One desktops.  

- Installed Windows 10 (1703)

- Installed hardware drivers, Windows Updates

- Create vdisk with Imaging Wizard

- Reboot device, PXE 


The target device goes through the normal PXE process and then right as it connects into PVS, the vdisk locks and the target device reboots.  Verbose booting enabled, and no errors are listed at the conclusion of PXE process.  Just the word, "Reboot!!!".  Endless PXE loop, never fully connects to the newly created vdisk.


- PVS 7.15 LTSR

- We have had similar issues in the past with OptiPlex 755 and 760 desktops, but were able to work around by setting IP address of PVS server in "ImageServer" part of BIOS.

- Similar to 755's and760's, the 5250 AIO does have an Intel NIC, Intel Boot Manager, but does not give the option to manage Intel Boot Manager settings

- Prior to image creation, desktop configured for Legacy Boot (no UEFI or Secure Boot).  


Anyone have any ideas?






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On 6/22/2018 at 1:49 PM, Duy Le said:

Have you tried setting the hard disk option in the BIOS to legacy option instead of Raid o AHCI?


Only  3 years later on, but:


Had similar problems with a Optiplex 9030 All-in-One. Original fix back in the Windows 7 days was to use an older bootstrap (from the PVS 7.7 era, I think). With Windows 10 and PVS 1912 CU3 bootstrap, failure was just a hang after Logging into provisioning services (so really early on).


Switching to SATA mode ATA from RAID (didn't try AHCI) and then starting again on the imaging fixed it (actually using AppLayering).

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