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UPM 7.15 would not create Users Folder on network share (DFS)

Ben Rossa


Hi guys,


after a couple of days i've lost ideas on following problem:

Set up UPM on XA/XD 7.15 LTSR, configured with a mandatory template and solely profile redirection (no folder redirection yet for users libraries). Now UPM would complete the setup of a new LOCAL profile on RDSH host (2k12r2) from the mandatory profile but would not create the users profile folder on the same fileshare.


Configuration details:

- 1 RDSH 2k12R2, nearly no lockdown yet for the testing: XDRDS01

- DFS namespace for the userdata & profiles where in the context of those users i could create folders & files: \\sub.domain.com\ctxuserdata\#SAMAccountName#

- Username for the testuser "666", domain "sub.domain.com"

- It might be an important fact that the userauthentication is crossforest. user from sub.domain.com signs in on cluster in sub2.domain.com. There is a one-way forest trust from sub2.domain.com > sub.domain.com in place and users of the latter got permissions on fileshare and RDS-Host.


Attached you may find the UPM log stating no errors...

Anyone already had this sort of problem (could not find anything while googling for two days...) and had it solved?


Thanks already for ideas or a comeback if more info would be needed.


Best regards



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