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Provisioning Services - Failed to connect to server issue

Halim Berk


Hello everybody, I have a little problem (huge problem for me) about Citrix Provisioning Services.

I tried my best to fix this problem but I can’t handle this problem.


The problem is:  ‘Failed to connect to server. Verify server firewall ports (default 54321 and 54322) are open.’



These ports already open, I use domain account, firewall closed and when I try to ping my provisioning services server, I can reach it.


Please help me, I need to fix this problem. All ideas will appreciated.


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I'm assuming you are talking about the imaging wizard.  Did you try to login using at least PVS administrator account.


A workaround for this is to do imaging manually.


1.  Get the MAC address of the boot NIc of the PVS target vm.

2.  In PVS console, create a new vDisk of equl size or bigger than the OS hard disk on the target.

3.  Create a PVS device record using the MAC address and assign the vDisk created to the device.  Set the boot from property in General tab to 'Hard Disk'.

4.  Network boot the device to connect to the PVS server.

5.  Log into windows and run P2PVS.exe (from C:\Program Files\Citrix\Provisioning Services\) using default options to image vDisk.  Be sure to run the target device optimizer (you can do this while booting in hard disk or after imaging and booting into private image mode).  



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