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VHD Replication issues, Server not available

Kevin Halstead1709158370




Got a strange issue which seems to have cropped up recently.

We are unable to get replication of the VHD's working correctly in PVS 7.6.


I have followed the article regarding troubleshooting it but now hit a strange problem: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200804


At the moment I have PVS01 and PVS02, both hold separate storage for VHD's.  All usually works fine. But looks like PVS02 had crashed at some point as no machines had booted off it and had to restart the SOAP service to get back into the console. PVS02 has since been rebooted.


Now it states that each other cannot contact each other for VHD's.


Going through the troubleshooting. Wireshark does not see any connections to each other on 6895, which is the inventory service port.

Using process monitor i can see it querying however it seems to be querying itself rather than the other server.


Has anyone seen this before?


Many Thanks









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We are having the exact same problem. Both PVS servers have not been rebooted for 60 days. There was patching this weekend and reboot after that each PVS server shows Server is not reachable for the other server. However is i check Show Usage the image is streamed correctly from both servers.

There is ping and nslookup for both PVS. I am not sure what else to check.


In the event log there is the error


Error    1/16/2022 7:41:40 PM    StreamProcess    11    None

Cannot establish a connection to the database because the server cannot be found. Please check your database connection settings in the registry and the network path to your server.

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