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Failed to validate the Domain User and Password


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14 minutes ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

After that we would normally think of firewalls in the way or a problem routing by name or maybe dns resolution for the short name.

What OS is PVS on?

Windows server 2012 r2, firewalls are down, ELM is resolving for the name of the PVS (long and short)



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It might be possible that a previous PVS server configuration is causing the problem, it seems that the value and UUID are stored in a MySQL DB, is there any way to delete the previous configuration from the ELM?


We have been trying to create a new PVS connector using a newly created PVS server with the same name and ip as the old one, after that failed we tried with an another name, on the ELM it shows the old PVS config even tho this server has been deleted, and the new one is not shown in the available PVS list.



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Daniels idea is worth trying.  If you change the IP address of the ELM then a reboot is required for the ELM to fully know about it.  I would think though that that would only matter when you get to transferring files to the PVS server because we actually pull them using the BITs service so the ELM tells the agent what its IP address is so the file can be pulled by the BITS service.


I would say try the reboot then put in a ticket at this point because it looks like you have done everything right.



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I ran into this issue today...after a fair amount of troubleshooting I found that a new Group Policy setting was applied to my PVS servers (both 2012r2 and 2019).

Upon inspection of that policy I noticed that "Allow Remote Shell Access" was Disabled.

Re-enabling "Allow Remote Shell Access" resolved the problem.


Policy location:-

Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Windows Remote Shell

Allow Remote Shell Access  



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