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how to disable sleamless mode in citrix receiver

Hayk Navasardyan


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Thanks for feedback Carl!


Sorry, don't know what is published desktop. I Am using citrix receiver to connect my session.


Yes, I'm now doing that each time(dragging the window corner to my desire size). But It is not comfortable to do that each time, so if somehow (probably with some registry key), will be possibility to  disable switching fullscreen(when pressed window maximize button), then I believe I will get my desired result.


my receiver version:, sorry can't switch/try another version.





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switched to newer version of Citrix Receiver: 4.11. Still no option to disable full-screen. Anybody, can help find that option to always keep my sessions windowed, instead of fullscreen. (when pressing to "resize" button it switches to full screen, and taking all the screen, windows taskbar  also being covered) .  Thanks.






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On 5/16/2018 at 9:31 AM, Mahesh Krishna said:



I'm also facing the same problem... 


Previously Shift+F2 used to work  .. but now that also seems to be disabled. Any help here ? 

I'm  running Ctrix receiver ver 4.11 

Hi Mahesh--


FWIW, please upvote Hayk's posts like I did. Looks like the three of us are having the same annoying problem. Sucks when software developers decide to break the normal way the OS desktop works. The should make "full screen" an opt-in capability for users that want that. The default should be to do what apps "normally" do when you click the maximize button.


And for me, it's not good enough to just remember the previous size of the window upon launch (Ctrl+X_button in Windows). I am always moving my laptop between different monitor configurations (work, home, laptop-standalone).


@Citrix Please fix your breaking of normal Windows work-flow. Thanks!


What sucks is that there is VERY likely a registry key to do this. We just don't have the right person reading this thread. I found this key, but it doesn't seem to effect the result we're looking for. HKLM\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client\Engine\Lockdown Profiles\All Regions\Lockdown\Virtual Channels\Seamless Windows


If someone else wants to help poke around, I used a very nice RegScanner tool to get full lists of search matches to look over (Google it).

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