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Link Status on Management Interface (with VLAN) show disconnected after adding to pool

Regino Magsakay1709158997


Since VLAN on management interface is a new feature on XenServer 7.3, not sure if anyone else has come across this yet.  If so, wonder if anyone has another solution.  I'm actively working with Citrix Support as this is potentially a bug.


Essentially, we wanted to take advantage of XenServer 7.3's newly added feature to add a VLAN to the Management Interface so we do not have to mess around with the Native VLAN configuration on our switch ports.  We are able to setup XenServers without a problem with VLAN enabled on Management Interface.  However, once added to a Pool with same configuration, the Network with the said VLAN enabled would show "Disconnected" in the Link Status column.  The management interface and everything else about the host continues to function as it should, so we are not sure if it is just not reporting correctly.  While working with Citrix Support, we did an emergency reset of the interface with all settings intact and that seems to clear it up.


My colleague building a separate 7.3 pool has experienced the same exact thing.


Anyone else seeing this in 7.3? 

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I'm also seeing this on 8.0 with all the latest patches applied. The strange part is the in a pool the pool master shows the vlan as connected and other servers are disconnected. The issue is only with the management interface with vlan tagging applied. The pool is functioning though so the disconnected status appears to be a false positive.

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