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Apps launching on server, but not delivered to client

Ross Patty


We have a confounding issue where apps aren't being delivered to the client. We see the apps in Citrix Receiver. When we click, we get the normal "Connecting ..." window from Receiver, with the progress bar. But where normally that window goes away and the application window appears a few moments later, we're getting nothing.


However, through Citrix Studio we can see that Citrix thinks the app is running and a session exists, and if we remote desktop onto the server, we can see the app running as a process under the user. In other words, the app really is launching, but somehow it's staying isolated on the server instead of being delivered to the user.


Even weirder, this is in a delivery group, with 3 supposedly identical machines. Two of the servers started doing this at about the same time. A third one seems to be delivering the apps normally. We haven't been able to identify any real differences between the boxes or major changes. Java might have been updated recently on the one that's working, but updating Java on the two broken ones doesn't seem to have made a difference.

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A good troubleshooting method here is to publish a desktop to the user, and test the application without seamless windows in play - this often gives you a good indication into what is going on under the hood when the session launches, there might be another process halting the session being delivered to the client


No networking or firewall style changes in the environment?


If you are struggling with machines potentially being out of Sync, grab a trial of Control Up and have a look at its comparison feature, i have a brief write up here https://jkindon.com/2017/10/13/christmas-tree-monitoring-with-controlup/ have a look at that server comparison section or https://www.controlup.com/products/controlup/management/

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Publishing a desktop from the troubled servers is strange. We get the Citrix window, but no desktop actually loads within it. There's no OS, no apps, no way to log out. It's just the frame without any content. It's really like the session content just isn't making it off the server and out to the client side. See picture below:





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We are seeing the same issue with 7.15 LTSR. Is it all users or just some users with the black screen? What version of receiver? we downgrade a few of our users that were seeing this and it worked. However, it didn't work for all them. If your seeing it with all users maybe look at legacy mode graphics just to see if that helps get you through your original issue then you can come back to this one, 

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