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RDP Proxy + Windows 2012 Server R2/RDS Role installed

Jon Espinosa

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I am facing an issue with the RDP Proxy feature. Specifically, the one described here, where RDP connection can't be established when the destination server is using Windows 2012 R2 and has the RDS Role installed. The RDP Proxy setup itself works fine out of this scenario (I can connect to a win10 client computer from the internet). Citrix Support says that this is by design, and it will work in a future Netscaler version 12.1. Right now I'm using version 11.0 and I don't plan to upgrade to 12.1 anytime soon :7_sweat_smile:


I wonder if any of you know a way to make this work, maybe configuring it in a different way, creating a different setup to connect to remote desktop computers?


Thank you!

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On 9.10.2018 at 1:21 AM, Sergiu-Konrad Kork said:

i can, i've just set up one with several backed RDS SH, works like a charm. Even with RDS farms, using the connection broker as target.


what i can't get to work is with using client certificate authorization...


can you give some details about the configuration? i am currently hanging to set it up correctly:



as far as i understood RDP Proxy of NetScaler does support connections against RDS Broker but i guess i did something wrong in my configuration

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