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Windows Media player

Erwin Ravn




I having som problems with Windows media player. When we play any kind of file (mp4,mov and so on) it works fine the first time, but if your try to play another one right after closing the player, it fails with:


"Server Execution failed"


But if you you wait 2-5 seconds before you play it again, it works fine.


Can some one tell me if there is a good reason for the failing or something is wrong?


Thanks :)


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19 hours ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

You definitely need to try some upgrades.


You can upgrade the VDA to 7.15 CU1 without upgrading the Controllers.


Also upgrade the Receiver to 4.9.1000.


If the problem is fixed, then you have your solution.

We will try that soon and get back how it goes :)

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One of my customers is experiencing this exact issue on Windows 10 VDI desktops with NVIDIA GRID cards (running 1912 CU7 VDA) but they also get this with Windows Media Redirection disabled.

Only solution was to install VLC media player which doesn't exhibit this behaviour (neither does the "Movies & TV" modern app but the customer doesn't want to use any Appx app in their VDIs). This only occurs with Media Player.






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