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Xenserver Console Configuration empty

Bernhard Mackert



my slave shows on the direct console the configuration menu, but the Status Display prints out no version (<Unknown> <Unknown>) and no network interfaces and no storage and no VMs.


I have a pool of two xenserver 7.2 with ha-lizard working. X1 and X1 are managed by XenCenter and all seems OK. I can log in via SSh and everything works, but the direct ConsoleMenu.

I cannot say, when this went wrong, but in fact, I don´t have a current issue regarding functions on the slave.

It´s just - I don´t know if the system is reliable in an emergency case because the direct console is useless. I tried the emergency network reset without success. Also the xe pool-recover-slaves.


I can remember I changed the network card (DELL R730) from 4x1G to 2x10G+2x2G and moved Management Interface from xenbr0 to xenbr4 some weeks ago.

As said, all works fine with exception of the direct "emergency console".


Any idea?

Thanks in advance!


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I think there are some bugs regarding the display of the network configuration in XSConsole. As long as you can connect with XenCenter, ssh works, and VM's seem ok I wouldn't worry about it too much. You could try closing xsconsole and relaunching it. But if it still says unknown just right it off as a bug.




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That´s it. If I start xsconsole on a ssh session, it works like a charm.

It is just the "real" console that got the issue. OK, that may be irritating, but if you know, you have to start a second one, I can live with that.

Maybe someone has an idea to get that right too. It would be nice :-)


Thanks alot!


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