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Citrix's website seems to have problems?



When we click on any of our retrived serielnumber,  the link to allocate license, starting a spinning Wheel (loading..) that never ends.


-250 Mbit/s

-Tried from different computers

-Tried different web-clients (Chrome, IE, Firefox..)


But the same problem - spinning Wheel (loading) the never ends


Is there any problem with myCitrix - Licens retrival part of Citrix homesite?





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This happens from time to time - the licencing portal is buggy as all hell


Its gotten to a point where we had had to have Citrix dish out licence files for us at times due it simply failing for a while. Magically it comes back, i dont know if support does something, or if we land on a dodgy web server or something - but eventually it comes back to life.


If it doesn't, log a ticket with them

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