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Default printer not retain

Julien Bebronne




I assign several printer to my users  with WEM.

I would like to allow my users to select the printer of their choice as a default printer


But if the users set the default printer  from windows  "device and printer"  the default printer is not retain upon next login.


As a workaround  i tell my user to use the  WEM  "manage printer"  application    but this workaround is only possible with a publised desktop.

When then launch an published app ( another silo, another "configuration set" ) they have no way to choose and set default printer ..)


Any ideas ?


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You can utilise the same WEM capability to provide the same toolset to your users using published apps, the wem agent icon is available in their taskbar of the local machine as long as you haven't enabled the hide agent icon in published applications - they can right click and interact the exact same way



If you have different configuration sets, you just need to mirror your action and assignment configurations (you can export and import the actual actions but assignments you will need to do manually)

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I've done some more in depth testing around this and I can pretty much mirror your issue now


If I change the default printer midway through a session using the windows control panel GUI, WEM will set my default printer to the last thing it recorded when set by the WEM printer utility (Obviously this is recorded)


This is regardless of enforcement settings being enabled or not (results are the same, WEM just re-processes everything when enforce is enabled), if its not, it relies on the value it set on logon, and moves on


Now if i use the WEM Print utility to set my default printer - it is dignified by WEM every time I make a change. If I change it mid session and then refresh WEM, it retains. If i set it via control panel, it reverts back to what the WEM print utility set


So it would appear that if you are not going to set a default printer with WEM, but are going to map printers using WEM and let users choose, then the only way to get a default printer to stay default is to use the WEM printer utility to set it


There is nothing official on this that i can find, but if your environment mirrors my findings then its an interesting find that we need to get documented. If your environment doesn't mirror these results - then I've got no idea :)


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I was able to solve my problem. That the default printers retain, you have to include the following regkey within UPM: Software\VirtuAll Solutions\VirtuAll User Environment Manager\Agent\User Printers Management


When you set a default printer within the WEM Printer utility, the printer will set stored in the above regkey. If this key will be included, the printer will stay the default printer in a new session.




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I don't think WEM is your problem here to be honest, its more likely a Citrix policy in play


I have tested end to end with self healing enabled on my printers (make sure its there regardless of a user deleting it), deleting network printers on startup via WEM, changing default printers mid session and enforcing WEM refreshes etc - I have no problems at all, default is retained in the user registry


So there are two points to look at

1. Your profile management

2. Citrix policies - i did physically disable client printer redirection and auto create client printers. That will definitely conflict and override WEM settings if you aren't enforcing a default

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Hello James,


thanks for this uppdate .


-Printer redirection and auto-create client printers are disable

-I don't think there is something wrong with my profile management  


If i do "refresh"  within the session the  "device" value  in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows" is updated with a random printer


But if i manually to connect a printer and i set it by default it's works. The setting is lost only if printer are assign by wem agent.


I have the feeling that on refresh  wem agent delete all printer  before  recreate  them .  if i disable "enforce printers processing" it's work ...






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Ok it seems to be by design:


Source : https://twitter.com/cstalhood/status/949250555653902338


The other interesting behaviour of note is the way that default printing is handled and how this interacts with users.

For example, in a perfect world, WEM creates your printers for your users, you assign the default printer for them and off you go. But what if this isn’t the case, and you have users that need to set their own default printers and manage them accordingly. In this scenario, there are some points to note:

The WEM Print Management Utility should be used by users to set the default printer. This is because WEM records the default value set by that utility and relies on this for future processing.

If WEM assigns a printer to a user, default printers set by the user in the Windows Control Panel are ignored the next time WEM processes the printer.

WEM will revert to the last known default that was set by the WEM Printer Utility (if you are not assigning a default printer via a WEM Assignment) or it will set a random one based on its processing options and assignments if a default hasn’t yet been set.

The control panel printing utility is ignored and should be removed from user access if using WEM to assign printers without assigning a default.

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Hi guys

I know this is an older thread, but I have exactly the same problem.

We have a branch with a lot of different network printers, so the users want to change their default printer to the one they need. But after a re-login, our standard-printer is the default printer again. Even when you change the printer within the WEM Printer utility, the standard-printer is the default printer. In WEM no printer is set as default printer. There is also no printer mapping GPO active.

So I don't know where the problem is. Do we need to sync some files or regkeys, that this will work?

Thanks for any help

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