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Netscaler SAML Error "SAML Assertion verification failed; Please contact your administrator".

Varunn Raju

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We are trying to setup Netscaler as an iDP and inwebo as a SP for SAML authentication. Randomly, there's an error "SAML Assertion verification failed; Please contact your administrator".

When the Netscaler page is refreshed, sometimes it is redirected to the Storefront homepage.


Whenever the Assertion verification failed error is generated the Netscaler has the below error messages in the ns.log


default AAATM Message 30566 0 : "Error while trying to verify the digest"

default AAATM Message 30565 0 : "SAML verify digest: digest verification failed, expected: <random>=, actual <random>="


I did a http trace and found that working auth the response is HTTP/1.1 302 (Found) and non-working response is HTTP/1.1 200 (OK).


Thanks in advance


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