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Director shows incorrect Endpoint name

Carsten Praumlger




with Windows 10 branch 1607 I have since some days the effect that the director is showing a wrong and cryptical computername as Client Endpoint Name.

The Endpoint Name starts with WR_ ..... I think this must be the original Name from the Client during it´s Installation Phase before it was getting the correct Name and joining Domain.

But...I couldn´t find where this Name is read out. The only Point where I could find this wrong naming in the registry below here (in the registry of the VDI which is used by a session):






and in the Printer redirection from Citrix...but...nowhere in the System itself, because from somewhere this wrong naming must be originally provided to Citrix.


Has anybody knowledge from where Citrix is getting this Information about the endpoint Name?



In the System which is starting the session by a Citrix Receiver this incorrect computername is not visible in the registry or somewhere else in the System.


Best regards




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HTML5 Receiver?

See this not from the linked page below:


Update: there is a restriction here for users using a browser to access StoreFront. The ClientName that is used as input for this case will be the StoreFront generated one (WR_xxxxx).The reason for this is that the browser cannot provide the client machine name to the StoreFront service. Without the customisation in place, the client name that winds up in the session is controlled by the overrideICAClientName setting – if set, the client name will be the SF generated one (it’s passed back to the client in the ICA launch params). If this setting is false, SF doesn’t pass anything to the client and the client will pass the computer name as part of native ICA negotiation. For the customisation to work, the override setting must be on (so that the new client name is passed back to the client). Thus when above I suggested using $N would yield the same result as before, I should have made it clear that it would be the same as before… with overrideClientName set! Apologies if that has caused any confusion. Native Receivers supply their client name to StoreFront as part of the launch params and do not suffer the same restriction.






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On the devices in the company we have a Citrix Receiver installed, and we are not using the HTML5 Receiver. Due to that this is not related to my topic. But...anyway the link is very helpful to get closer to the reason for this topic. Thanks a lot. I will read it and try to find a solution. If I got one I will provide it here.


Best regards


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