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Intermittnet Disconnect issue

Arpit Shah1709153358


Hi Guys,


We are running into intermittent disconnect issue while launching Published App or desktop, it's been long time since I have raised incident with Citrix but no luck, and not Citrix have engaged Microsoft.


Application Event Error # 9009 # The Desktop Windows Manager has exited with code (0xd00002fe)


Have captured CDF traces from VDA as well as the endpoints, and have shared with Citrix, and  below is the analysis what I have received


    The last one seemed to be:

    21296,3,2017/11/29 09:50:44:76690,6072,3488,-1,RPM,WtsProtocolLogonErrorRedirector.cpp,355,ctx::CWtsProtocolLogonErrorRedirector::RedirectMessage,14,CDF_INFO,"ctx::CWtsProtocolLogonErrorRedirector::RedirectMessage: Session ID 3, Caption [Computer Sciences Corporation], Message [By signing on, clicking OK or otherwise attempting to log on, access, or connect to a CSC network or system resource anywhere in the world, you are notified of the monitoring and inspection of all your electronic communications, network activities and computing equipment by CSC and others authorized by CSC in accord with CSC’s electronic communications use policies as they exist, and if you are subject to the law of the US, Brazil or any other jurisdiction requiring consent for the activities here described, you consent to the same. Monitoring and inspection, in accordance with applicable country law, may be carried out for any lawful purpose. Depending on applicable legal restrictions on authorized use of information thus obtained, lawful purposes may include but are not limited to: prevention, detection, remediation and assessment of potential attacks on or infection of networks, equipment or data], Type 0",""


   And then the logon did not move forward, after about 46 seconds, RPM finally received session terminate:

83315,3,2017/11/29 09:51:30:62506,3576,3488,-1,RPM,SCSMgr.cpp,357,ctx::CSCSMgr::NotifySessionStateChange,14,CDF_INFO,"ctx::CSCSMgr::NotifySessionStateChange: Session Id 3, Event Id 13, SESSION TERMINATE",""


Based on above logs Citrix have now engaged Microsoft, but still no luck so far.


You any kind of assistance will be appreciated.




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Yes finally this issue got resolved by adding below registry key.



     Value Name: DisableSSPI

     Value Type: REG_DWORD

     Value:   1

 ***Path doesn't exist*** 




     Value Name: DisableSSPI

     Value Type: REG_DWORD

     Value:   1

     ***Already Exists***




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hi Ashah,


i have exactly the same problem Win2012R2 PVS image running XA7.15.2 - published apps / desktops starts loading, the windows loading screen appears, the application appears for a second and the session closes automatically. 

I have these messages on the XA workers:


The Citrix Desktop Service detected that a user session has ended. Session 2cc5b27c-2537-4136-ac24-57f8e7b3d0a3 for user 'xxxxx' has ended; reason code ConnectionFailure.


The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code (0xd00002fe)


So this Registry key you mentioned - have you added to your image or it must be configured on the StoreFront / DDC ? I've tested by adding it to one of my workers. Restarted the VDA agent service. Unfortunately still the same result.

lso chasing another articles stating the color depth should be set to 32bit  didn't helped neither.


Any feedback will be appreciated.



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On 7/23/2018 at 2:46 AM, Bogdan Shanurkov said:

UPDATE: It might sound extremely odd but I've solved my problem by turning off the "Secure ICA" option in the properties of the delivery group. None of these errors indicated this might be the reason. Anyways, problem solved

A little late here, but this solved my DWM 0xd00002fe error.

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