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Limit one desktop instance per user and disable auto-reconnect of active sessions?

Mayur Patel1709153755


I am doing a PoC for a call center (Non Persistent MCS) Win7 VDI using XD7.6 LTSR CU1.  Generic user accounts are in use because they are linked to the desk ID. 


Hence, I would like to stop another user snatching someone else's VDI session by mistake. I can achieve this by setting the below Posh command on the Delivery Controller.


Set-BrokerAppEntitlementPolicyRule  <Delivery Group Name> -SessionReconnection  <Value> “SameEndpointOnly” but from what I gather this setting just disable session roaming which is great it stops someone from snatching someones VDI session in the middle of a call.


But despite setting 1 desktop per user in the Delivery Group user properties. Someone can still logon using the same user ID and they will get a new VDI session i.e. running two VDI desktops with the same user ID.


Is there a way to stop this from happening? I only want one user to be able to have an active VDI session at any given time and disable reconnecting from another endpoint device.

In effect I would like to be able to Limit one desktop instance per user.




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