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CVPN Bookmark javaScript problem

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Hello everbody,


we would like to share some websites with CVPN in a UnifiedGateway.

Simple Websites without Java are general working.


One Website use javascript. All javaScript get an 503 Error.

When i look to the path, i can see only the Adress from the UnifiedGateway, the stuff behind like cvpn/https/samplewebsite.domain.local/ is missing.




I have added a clientless policy after this post

I can see my "ns_cvpn_Customer_profile" get hits but the path in the java scripts are wront (see in the frist screenshot)










Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


i have create the bookmark wihtout Reverse proxy, i have set the Domains for clientless access.


Thanks guys!



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CVPN uses rewrites to make things work (to rewrite the URLs in delivered content): whilst these rewrites work for most simple & straightforward web sites, more complex web sites (eg those that use clever scripts to deliver page content) may not be correctly re-written.


In those cases, you have to work out what is needed, and create extra rewrite policies

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