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PVS and Crowdstrike A/V

Brian Langston


Our organization will soon be switching to Crowdstrike Falcon nextgen A/V. Having had my fair share of PVS fun with A/V in general, and exclusions, has anyone already run PVS while using Crowdstrike? We've been told that currently there is no capability for exclusions, and they may not be needed based on how it functions. I'll update this thread with my results, but just wondering if anyone has already gone this route.

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We've now been running CrowdStrike for about 7 months in our production environment. We are using server 2008 r2 on bare metal HP blades, with a mix of g7, gen8, and gen9 hardware. It's been quite uneventful until the latest update that caused our gen8 blades to blue screen after a reboot when the version updates. We worked with CrowdStrike to determine the root cause and the offending driver was disabled (we weren't licensed for it anyways!) and it works fine now. 


We have been experiencing some increased cpu use in our environment but haven't been able to determine if CrowdStrike is the cause. I'll be able to update this with more definitive info next week regarding that.


They did finally give us the ability to do exclusions. When it initially launched, they're were no exclusions whatsoever. 

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