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XD machines register in "Citrix" OU but "Unregister" in Windows 10 OU

Gregory Moore


Wanted to get some thoughts from individuals who may have seen this issue.


I'm designing out the OU structure for a production environment and I've noticed that when I have machines residing in the Test\Citrix OU, they register to the DDC just fine.


When I have these machines created, or if I moved them to the Test\Win10\Computers\VMs OU, the machines lose their DDC registration.


On my gold image, the DDC information is entered on the VDA agent.


So here's my questions:

* how can I ensure that these machines stay registered to my Win10 OU as this is where I have CIS policies and other group policies in place for laptops and desktops?

* If I can't move them to the VMs OU, should I duplicate an OU in the Citrix OU or just link the Windows 10 policies to that OU in group policy?

* is there any other alternative to this besides leaving them in the Test\Citrix OU?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated guys and gals.

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Hi ,


Please run Citrix health assistant tool into unregistered VDI , it will give you the details which component is causing the machine getting unregistered. Please refer CTX207624 for the same.


Also check if there is any policy configured applied to non working OU which says "Access this computer from Network" and which is blocking Citrix DDC to reach Virtual delivery agent.

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