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Use DHCP relay for SSL VPN clients

Davey Huntjens

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Hi all,


we have an issue regarding registering our SSL VPN clients in DNS. Corporate policy is set in such a way that all of our clients get IP through DHCP and DHCP registers the client in DNS. This setting is causing issues for our SSL VPN clients using Netscaler Plugin. In our old Juniper environment, it is possible to set up Juniper as DHCP relay for the clients.


I found the article that describes setting up DHCP relay in Netscaler, but cannot find a way to point our clients to us the relay.


Any ideas?


Kind regards,



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By default, all vpn sessions connect to backend resources using the NetScaler SNIP.


To change this, you can assign an IP Address pool to the vpn vserver via intranet IPs.  Then when clients connect they can be assigned a unique internal IP via the vpn vserver.  This pool of IPs can then be rserved from DHCP so there is no conflict with IPs DHCP hands out.  (When looking up this option, note there is a distinct difference between the "Intranet IP" setting and the "Intranet App" setting...they do completely different things.)


But the IP address assignment would be handled by the NetScaler and would not be tied to specific users on a reserved basis.


The NetScaler doesn't support allocation of IPs via DHCP.


If you need fixed IPs per client, then it gets trickier as you would have to assign intranet IPs per user (as opposed to per group or per vpn vserver).

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I’ve asked Citrix NL for a reply on this. For now we allowed the Intranet IP subnet to register accounts in DNS which is working. Not the most elegant solution however so hopefully this can be a new feature in the future.


There are more of these things I run into that a product which is more specified to VPN doesn’t have.

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