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IE Graphics pixelation and tearing in 7.15

dale scriven1709154513


Hi All, 


We have an environment with a strange IE 11 and Windows Receiver issue. When launching a Server 2016 (only image we have tested so far) desktop, all the applications etc work as expected except for IE 11. When you switch from say word to IE the display tears and takes 2-3 seconds to display the IE window correctly. 


Additionally when you have IE active and click on the start button, the start menu also suffers from blurring of text and images (as attached). 

This only happens when connecting from  windows machine with Receiver on (tested 4.6-4.9 same result) this does not happen when using Receiver on a Mac or when using Receiver installed from the windows Store (modern app version). 

You can experience the issue using a windows machine and then connect to the same session on a Mac for instance and the issue is gone. 


So it must be something to do with Receiver for Windows and perhaps how its offloading or redirecting graphical content to the client however I've turned off all the standard redirection etc and it appears to have made no difference. I've also made sure that software GPU rendering in IE is enabled and for the time being disabled EDT and Framehawk to make sure its not that.


Anyone seen this before or can give me any suggestions at all.  


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