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WEM start BGInfo Clientname variable

Tobias Zurstegen




I have the problem that we would like launch the tool BGInfo with the Citrix Workspace Environment Manager at every User logon, but with WEM the variable Clientname won't be shown.


In the BGInfo I defined that the Clientname should be displayed at the desktop background. The variable is exists and I can query with %CLIENTNAME%. If I launch BGInfo with an Application autostart at logon or an external task with WEM, the Clientname field is empty. If I start BGInfo with the same parameters with an manually Start Up script or manually it is function. A time delay or a VBS script to query the Clientname couldn't solve the issue.


We use Windows Server 2016 as VDA and Citrix WEM  4.04.


Has anyone an idea?



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I was able to replicate your problem, and this looks like the same sort of problem we used to have with the %CLIENTNAME% Variable via logon scripts..


Workaround for you is to get WEM to create a new variable as below

Name: ClientNameCustom



Then tell BGINFO to use the following registry value as your clientname option: 



run bginfo as an external task via WEM


I tried getting BGINFO to call the new variable, but for some reason it never seems to be updating (at least when viewing via the "set" command), however the reg value is consistently changed and updated


This seems to be working in my lab environment successfully against Server 2016 and Server 2012 R2


Keep in mind if you are connecting in to the same session from different machines, you will want to tell WEM to enforce environment variables and external tasks on recconnect
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